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Heart of a lion

Brain of a fox

Body of a sausage

Bark of a Doberman!

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At 4 months “You’re so cute!”
At 6 months “You ate my shoes!”
At 1 year “You went potty inside again!”
At 2 years “You have so much energy!”
At 5 years “You’re my best friend”
At 9 years “You just get me!”
At 15 years “I’d do it all over again if that meant bringing you back!”

Silence is golden
Unless you have a dachshund
Then silence is suspicious
Very, very suspicious…

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Rule # 1 – Dachshund Handbook

If you are guilty, try very hard not to make any eye contact…

I asked God for a true friend.
He sent me a dachshund!

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Dachshund = Emotionally unstable pint-sized dictator
with the uncanny ability
to know exactly how far to
push you towards utter insanity
before reverting to a loveable creature!


Heritage of love
Noble of heart
Gentle of spirit
Regal of stature

I shall grow
to become  your 
faithful companion
you defender
your best friend!

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Blessed is the person who has earned the love of a dachshund!

When the world around me is going crazy and I am losing faith in humanity

I just have to take one look at my dachshund and I know that good still exists!

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There is no trouble so great
that cannot be be
diminished by Dachshund kisses!

My Dachshund does this amazing thing
Where he just exists
And makes my whole life better because of it!

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People, who tell you that you can’t buy love
Have never bought a Dachshund!