About Us

Ciao! So, you’ve decided you want to get a Dachshund. Congratulations! You are now in the spotlight of the DogFather. You’re about to choose your new companion and best friend? You aspire to be a made man? But how do you ensure that you get associated with a pup from a reputable and loyal Dachshund breeder in Alaska? Because in this business loyalty is everything! Capish?

Big Win is a Cosa Nostra family of Dachshunds. To become a part of this family, a dachshund’s lineage needs to be completely pure-bred and trackable all the way through the family tree. Never will you see more stand-up pups than these gorgeous but tough K-9s. Once, you are associated with one of these pups, you will never feel alone. These pups will stand with you through thick and thin and this is exactly what the mission of Big Win is – To ensure you have a partner regardless of where you are and in what situation. Also, we expect the same level of commitment and love from the people who adopt our pups. As Don Corleone says, “A man who does not spend time with his family is not a man.